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In 2016 the DVSA introduced the new MoT Tester Annual Training and Assessment, replacing the five-year refresher course. For the next five years it is now the MoT tester’s annual responsibility to source their own training and take the assessment every year between 1st April and 31st March.

The MoT Tester must complete a minimum of three hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training each year over a five-year period; with four hours completed in one of those years to make up a total of sixteen hours over the 5 years. Each year the MoT Tester must sit and pass an assessment.


If you have 5 or more MoT Testers we can offer you a half day classroom training session and assessment. During the four hour session, our trainer will cover the DVSA MoT annual training syllabus and the assessment.

During the course the MoT Tester will get the chance to ask any questions on areas they are unsure of, complete their annual training requirements in one clear and concise session, update their training records and pass the exam, making them compliant for another year.

The Assessment – MOT Test Requirements

The MoT Tester must score at least 70% in the assessment in order to a pass, however, this is expected to increase to 80% over the next few years. It consists of 30 multiple choice questions and takes up to 45 minutes to complete. The assessment is ‘open book’, so the MoT Tester can use both notes and the MoT inspection manual during the assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed and passed, the MoT Tester will be issued with a certificate and the certificate number must be entered into the MoT Testing Service (MTS) under the MoT Tester’s Profile.


With five locations around the UK you have a wide choice of venues to complete your MoT Annual Training :

Alternatively, we can come to you if you have a suitable training room and facilities or we can carry out the training at a convenient location nearby.*

*Training at your venue requires minimum candidate numbers and we will conduct a venue survey and risk assessment to check suitability. The MoT Club can supply all necessary IT equipment to complete the training. Using a suitable venue nearby will incur additional charges.

Prices – cost of MoT Test

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** Includes the cost of the Annual Assessment paid to the Awarding Body.

Please note that once a login code has been issued for the online assessment, it is not refundable under any circumstances.

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