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Recently several Vehicle Testing Stations and MoT Tester have be hit with penalty points because MoT Testers have been carrying out Class 5 MoT Test when they are not qualified to do so, or their Vehicle Testing Station is not approved to test this class vehicle.  In some cases, it has been because the MTS doesn’t not have sufficient checks in place to stop the MoT Tester completing such as test but often it is down to the MoT Tester not understanding the regulations.

What Are Class 5 Vehicles?

A class 5 vehicle are those of private passenger vehicles, motor caravans, ambulances and dual-purpose vehicles with 13 or more passenger seats. Class 5 light has a weight of no more than 5,000kg Design Gross Weight.

How do I become a Class 5 MoT Tester?

In order to test Class 5 vehicles, you must complete additional training specific to testing class 5 vehicles, an assessment and another DVSA Demonstration Test.

You must be a qualified Class 4 & 7 MoT Tester before you can apply to the DVSA for a class 5 demonstration test.

You can carry out your own training by reading the relevant sections of DVSA MOT Inspection Manual, then sit the online assessment with one of the awarding bodies. Alternatively, you can use our Class 5 e-Learning & Assessment package, this will take you through all the relevant information you need to know step by step.

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